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DISTRICT 1 (Mason Lake Area)

Art Whitson

Term Expires: 12/31/2027


DISTRICT 2 (Stretch Island & South)

Mike Blaisdell

Term Expires 12/31/2029


DISTRICT 3 (Fair Harbor Area)

Jean Farmer

Term Expires 12/2026


To write all three commissioners:

Managing Official:

Amanda Montgomery

MAP POG Commissioner Districts.jpg

The Port of Grapeview’s Strategic Planning Advisory Committee was established to amend the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement in 2014.  At that time four residents agreed to participate.


Why an SPAC?


Simple, the Port commissioners are prohibited by RCW 42.30 from discussing Port business when a quorum is present (i.e., two commissioners) unless it is in a public meeting.  Port meetings are held monthly which makes doing business by them almost impossible.


The SPAC has no such restriction as it is an advisory body only. 


From the Port’s Policy and Procedure Manual:


The Port, by resolution, will appoint members to the SPAC. Each Port district may name two members to the



The SPAC is advisory only and will make recommendations to the Commissioners for disposition.




MRSC: If a committee is purely advisory, must its meetings be advertised and open?


No. Under RCW 42.30.020(2), if the committee does not have a majority of the commission included in its membership, and it merely provides advice, and the commission can take action without the advice, it is not covered by the OPMA.


The MRSC is the Municipal Research Services Center, established by the Washington Legislators to assist elected officials. It is staffed by attorneys and CPAs and the Port uses them extensively.  A link to the MRSC is on our website links page.


SPAC Meetings are held frequently, usually monthly.


Present Members:

District 1 (Mason Lake) Bob Leslie, Vacant

District 2 (Stretch Island & South)  Vacant

District 3 (Fair Harbor) Walter Clayton, Mike Babich

An email address has been established to contact the SPAC:

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