James Madden

Term Expires: 12/2021



Glenn Carlson

Term Expires 12/2023



Jean Farmer

Term Expires 12/2026


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Managing Official:

Amanda Montgomery

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The Port of Grapeview was created on November 14th, 1923 to "care for commodities shipped into or out of the district by water". The Commission sold bonds to build a twelve by twenty foot building on a dock, twelve by one hundred and ten feet, near the old McLane Cove Bridge. A second site was selected at Oak Passage for the construction of a pier, forty by fifty feet, connected to the shore by a trestle, twelve by one hundred and ninety feet long. The pier also had a twenty by forty foot building with a float and gang plank. For many years the two piers and floats served the farmers and travelers of Grapeview.


In 1951, the Port started discussions on where to locate a float for visiting small boats.The two piers built in 1923 had now given way to decay and a lack of maintenance. In 1959 it was decided to build a small boat launch ramp at Fair Harbor at the end of Griswold Avenue. In June of 1960, the contract for construction was awarded to Griffey Brothers of Allyn, Washington. In 1968, a second ramp was constructed in lieu of a dock and float that had been proposed in 1966.


By 1967 the Port was discussing a small boat launch ramp at the old dock site at the end of Murray Road on McLane Cove. In 1970 a law suit and judgment dictated the specific terms for building such a ramp. The Port decided not to construct the ramp.


Over time, new Commissioners were elected and in the early 1970's the Port Commission began to meet regularly and prepare annual budgets. At this time the Port did not expand its services or increase investments in capital projects.


In late 1988, the Port began looking toward the future and noted the increasing population growth in the Grapeview area. It was noted that there would be a need for recreational opportunities and economic needs in the community. By 1989, Commissioners were attending Washington State Outdoor Recreation funding sessions and purchased 1.74 acres at Grapeview Center.


In 1992, the Port purchased property that is known as the Fair Harbor Boat Launch Ramp Parking Lot. The land and mobile home (since demolished) were purchased with Port funds and a fifty percent match from Washington State’s Recreational Conservation Office. In 1993-1994, the Port built the current parking lot.


Today the Commission is looking at all of its options in support of recreation, small business, home -based businesses, and maintaining water quality in Puget Sound.

In 2012 an effort was begun to revitalize the Fair Harbor Boat Ramp which was in serious disrepair after 50 years.  Thanks to the recognition and financing by Washington State’s Recreation and Conservation Office through a series of grants, work started in 2015 and will be completed in 2020.

Phase I was the replacement of the ramp itself and installing a never before boarding float. Completed in 2018.


Phase II was the acquisition of property to construct a turn-around area for a vehicle and boat trailer.  Completed in 2019.


Phase III is the development of the turn-around, beach restoration and permanent ADA compliant restroom.  Scheduled for completion in 2020.